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Please note that we only deliver to New Zealand. The prices include GST. There is free shipping on all orders over $100.  The Lanoguard Online Store is now closed and it will re-open on 7 November 2022.

Lanoguard NZ Ltd has been manufacturing different grades of Lanoguard liquid and grease in Leigh, north of Auckland for over 15 years.

The online store is a new development and our target market is end-users who really care about looking after their vehicles, boats, trailers as well as anything that is prone to rust.

  • Marine and Chassis Liquid comes in 2L jerry cans.
  • Marine and Chassis Grease is in 600ml jars.
  • The Lanoguard Kit contains all you need to apply Lanoguard.
  • There are two sizes of Trigger Sprayer: 500ml and 1L.
  • The Sprayer and Extension Hose fits 2L jerry cans.
  • The Lanoguard 360° Injector Wand connects to the 500ml Tigger Sprayer and the Sprayer and Extension Hose.

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