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How long does Lanoguard last?

The main factor is exposure to UV, so the greater the exposure to high levels of UV, the shorter the life span.

Lanoguard will last longer on a vehicle underbody than on a boat.

We recommend applying Lanoguard every six months.

Is Lanoguard safe to handle?

Lanoguard is classified as non-hazardous and it does not harm people, animals or the environment. You don't need to wear protective gear, but most people prefer to use rubber gloves and overalls.

The primary ingredient is lanolin which comes from sheep wool.

Does Lanoguard prevent galvanic corrosion?

Yes, it does.  This comes from Lanoguard being non-conductive and creating a hermetic seal.

Will Lanoguard prevent cold welding on stainless steel?

Lanoguard forms a hermetic seal and this prevents surfaces from coming into contact with each other.  This means that Lanoguard acts as a cold-weld prevention barrier, anti-corrosion and anti-seize agent.

Can Lanoguard be over surface rust?

It is best to remove any flaking or unstable rust first. Lanoguard has a natural affinity to ferrous metals so it will bond the metal beneath the rust and form a hermetic seal.  This prevents the ingress of oxygen and water and stops any further rust from forming.

Can Lanoguard be sprayed on a wet surface?

It is best to allow a surface to dry before applying Lanoguard as this will give optimal results.

What preparation is needed before applying Lanoguard?

Clean the surface to be treated and remove any unsound areas such as rust, flaking or laminating. A jet-wash or water-blaster is generally best, but wire-brushing and wiping should be fine too.

How can Lanoguard be cleaned off or removed?

There are two ways to do this.  The first is to use a citrus-based cleaner and the second is steam-cleaning. Note that Lanoguard adheres tenaciously. Mask any areas you don't want to be coated with Lanoguard.

Can Lanoguard Grease be heated more than once?

Yes, as Lanoguard Grease maintains its unique properties regardless of temperature. We recommend filling a bucket with hot water from the tap and placing the jar of grease in the bucket.

How is Lanoguard made?

The active ingredient is Lanolin and this provides natural protection.  Lano + Guard = Lanoguard. We use high-grade lanolin that is sourced from New Zealand.

Lanoguard Liquid does contain what we regard as the cleaner part of hydrocarbons.  Our blending process ensures that the finished product is non-hazardous.

How long does delivery take?

We will despatch orders within 48 hours.  Delivery can take up to five days. You will receive an email with your tracking number.

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