The Lanoguard Story

The Lanoguard journey started over 35 years ago in rural Australia.  The person who went on to found Lanoguard wondered why the shearing sheds and farm buildings were always in such good condition.

Over time he realised that the natural properties of wool grease were the reason. This was the start of Lanoguard being used to protect steel buildings, farm equipment and boats.

The second phase is in New Zealand and Lanoguard NZ Ltd has been developing and manufacturing different grades of liquid and grease in Leigh, north of Auckland for over 15 years.

The third phase is in the UK, where Lanoguard Ltd has developed an impressive online business, with a focus on Vehicle Underbody Care.  Go to to learn more.

Lanoguard UK

The Lanoguard Difference

Lanoguard is kinder to the environment than products that rely on hydrocarbons to lubricate or protect against rust

The most important difference regarding effectiveness is that Lanoguard will stay in place and adhere tenaciously. It cannot be washed off and it won't evaporate.  This means it stays in place and keeps working long after petroleum-based products.

Also, being non-perishing and non-leaching, it can be applied easily on multiple surface types.

Rust is the result of exposure of steel to oxygen and moisture. Lanoguard adheres to steel and this prevents ingress of oxygen and moisture. This stops rust dead.

Lanoguard MSDS

There are two main Material Safety Data Sheets:

  1. Lanoguard Marine and Chassis Liquid
  2. Lanoguard Marine and Chassis Grease

The original name of the grease is "Prop-Tection and Lube" and we have changed this to "Lanoguard Marine and Chassis Grease".

Original Lanoguard Marine & Chassis MSDS


Original Languard Prop-Tection & Lube MSDS

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Lanoguard NZ

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